Lindsey (Eaves) Carrasco served as a Community Health PCV in Peru from 2003-2005. She worked at the local health center in Yanama, a small village in the Andes Mountains, educating the community on the importance of preventative health care. In addition to her primary project in health education, she worked with youth groups, artisans and others, teaching English and computer skills.

After completing her two-year service, Lindsey decided to stay in South America for another year. She traveled the continent visiting Chile, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Colombia. After her South American tour, she then settled back into Peru managing a hostel and teaching English before returning to the States.

Lindsey currently resides in Northern Virginia with her Peruvian husband, Jorge. She works as the Director of the Filmmaker Program for Knowlera Media. In her free time, she works as a Spanish Tutor and Educational Coach to middle school and high school students.