Peru legislators team with Bolivia to enter Lake Titicaca as natural wonder
December 31, 2008 -

by Jobana Soto

Aldo Estrada Choque, president and one of the congress members representing Puno, has agreed to a bi-national campaign to launch Lake Titicaca as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world.

In order for Lake Titicaca to be entered in the competition as part of the campaigned managed by the New 7 Wonders Foundation, both Peru and Bolivia have to be in agreement.

Estrada made the announcement today, recognizing a partnership between Peru and Bolivia to enter Lake Titicaca, which is located between the two countries, as part of the New 7 Wonders Foundation’s Seven Wonders of Nature contest.

In 2007, the New 7 Wonders Foundation began their campaign to find the New 7 Wonders of the World, which brought Machu Picchu to the global spotlight when it won fifth place on the list.

Peru and Bolivia hope to duplicate that success with Lake Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world, as it will sure be able to boost the tourism activity in both countries.