Keiko Fujimori Prepares Political Party for 2011 Elections in Peru

14 January, 2008
- Living in

(Living In Peru) -- Alberto Fujimori and those taking part in the 1990 elections made their appearance in Peru's politics in 1989 under the name "Cambio 90" while in 2000 the political party managed its campaign under the name "Peru 2000".

It was recently announced that the group of politicians that will take part in Peru's 2011 elections will run under the name "Fuerza 2011".

"For seven years, some of the media and several political sectors have already sentenced Alberto Fujimori. It is important for us to show how much people support him and we will do it with democratic weapons," said congresswoman Keiko Fujimori (photo, left), Alberto Fujimori's daughter.

The congresswoman announced she would be responsible for collecting the one million signatures necessary to register the group in Peru's National Jury of Elections (JNE).

"We are going to collect one million signatures throughout the next year and prove that people do not agree with the lynching of Alberto Fujimori that is taking place," affirmed Keiko.

She clarified she would not be running for president in the "Fuerza 2011" campaign and said that she would be out of Peru for the next few months to continue studies.