Peru: Fujimori's administration more accepted than Alan Garcia's
February 15, 2008 - Living In

(LIP-ir) -- According to poll results released by the University of Lima Public Opinion Group, the approval rate for Alan Garcia's administration rose to 40.8 percent in February.

Survey results showed that 2.9 percent more people approved of Garcia's administration in February 2008 than in November 2007, when 37.9 percent of the people polled approved of Peru's president's administration of the country.

(left) Fujimori. (right) Alan Garcia.

In reports issued by the University of Lima Public Opinion Group of the survey that was done in Metropolitan Lima and Callao, Alan Garcia's disapproval rate decreased to 53.2 percent, a 1.4 percent drop when compared to November 2007.

Approval ratings for Peru's Cabinet Chief, Jorge del Castillo, increased to 34.4 percent. It was reported that 52.1 percent of people polled did not approve of the work being done by Peru's Premier.

Peru's Congress was ranked even worse, 63.2 percent of the people polled in Lima and Callao affirmed they did not approve of congress.

On the other hand, when asked about Alberto Fujimori's administration, the University of Lima Public Opinion Group reported that 54.6 percent of participants said they approved of his 1990-2000 administration.