Four Female Cops Suspended Over Porn Video in Peru

LIMA – Interior Minister Mercedes Cabanillas has ordered the suspension without pay of four female police officers who appeared in a video posted on a Peruvian pornographic Web site.

The scandal broke Monday when the Frecuencia Latina network’s “Enemigos Intimos” show broadcast the video, which shows three members of a National Police motorized unit in their undergarments and after coming out of the shower.

The fourth officer stands accused of making the video.

“This cannot be allowed in an institution like the National Police and less so at a workplace. If we allow this, we are easing off on discipline,” Cabanillas told Radio Programas del Peru on Tuesday.

The video, which was shot at the unit’s station in Lima, got 130,000 hits in the 24 hours it was up on the Web site, “Enemigos Intimos” reported.

The officers’ unit, known as “Escuadron Fenix” (Phoenix Squad), is extremely popular in Lima, where it provides traffic control, and was the subject of a reality television series that looked at both the investigations carried out by the women and their romantic problems.

Former National Police chief Eduardo Perez Rocha created the squad because female officers were believed to be less susceptible to bribes than their male counterparts.

The women selected for the squad were tall and had to be in good shape to handle the heavy Harley-Davidson motorcycles used in traffic enforcement, Perez Rocha told “Enemigos Intimos.” EFE