Bolivia's school teachers getting free 'presidential' laptops, and Evo Morales taking heat
October 11, 2011 - Washington Post (AP)


By Associated Press
LA PAZ, Bolivia — Bolivia's government is giving school teachers free laptops with a prominent detail that is generating criticism for President Evo Morales. A stenciled image of a smiling Morales is on the back of each computer.

Teachers union leader Jose Luis Alvarez in La Paz says that's just promoting idolatry. He says teachers will cover the image.

Education Ministry Roberto Aguilar said Monday that government officials originally planned to put on an image of Bolivia's nine-colored indigenous flag but manufacturer Lenovo recommended something simpler.

The government is handing out 130,000 laptops worth more than $50 million. They have Intel processors, Windows and Linux operating systems and 320-gigabyte hard drives.

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