The Philippines versus Bolivia for English-speaking Telemarketing into the U.S

NAPERVILLE, Ill., March 6, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Firms are choosing Bolivia over the Philippines for English-speaking Telemarketing.  The majority of firms utilize telemarketing. The choice they face is keeping it in house versus outsourcing. If they elect to outsource they choose between the Philippines and LaPaz, Bolivia.

Let's examine the differences:


  • Non-Americans making the calls 
  • Nighttime workers  
  • 13 hour time difference between U.S. East Coast
  • Philippine accent    
  • Aggressive ("menacing" per
  • $10-$20 per hour charged
  • No Spanish

LaPaz, Bolivia

  • Americans living in Bolivia making the calls (60% of tourism to Bolivia is from the U.S.)
  • Daytime workers
  • No time difference (Bolivia is in the same time zone as New York or Miami)
  • Sound like Americans because they are Americans
  • Assertive (Bolivians are very polite by nature)
  • $7.99 per hour charged
  • Perfect Spanish dialect to reach the Hispanic market
  • Bolivia offers tutoring in English or Spanish and can teach math for a low $9.75 per hour

Both call centers will deliver daily spreadsheets with contact info, etc.

Both call centers handle technology, medical, legal and non-for-profit calling.

About evanSales
evanSales was founded by Patrick Evans (Chicago) and Joseph Saavedra (Bolivia).  Patrick previously launched EVCOR Systems, Inc. which became the largest independent outbound teleservices firm in the ship-software integration industry and was sold for $60 million. Joseph attended Boston University and has managed call centers for over 20 years.

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