Julia Ann Moore

Julia passed away reccntly. A full obituiary is still forthcoming. What follows are two biios Julia swroteover the years.

  • The first, in from the beginning of APeace Corps training in Bolivia Groups 29, ervicd from April 1967 to 1969.
  • The second is a collection of her respponses to several questions before the 2007 Conferernce of Retunned Peace Corps Volunteers.
  • More to come. Keep checking for more information.

From in 2007: http://www.amigosdeboliviayperu.org/Mines/Bios/BioJMoore.htm


Judy, 20, wife of Allen Moore. is a native of San Francisco ,California. Following a B.A. in sociology from Pomona College, Claremont, California, in 1966 with Phi Beta Kappa scholastic honors, she completed one semester of graduate work at Harvard. She traveled to Germany for part of a year of study and spent one summer in Turkey with the American Friends Service. A variety of jobs, such as working in a cannery, as a waitress, salesgirl, and receptionist at Harvard, have helped with her college expenses. In her spare time, Judy enjoys sketching, painting, German literature, and swimming


Tatasi (July 1867- July 1968)
Taught English in the grade school, taught some health/nutrition classes, gave immunizations in surrounding villages, put on a summer recreation program for the kids (where I broke my foot playing Red Rover).

Colquiri (July 1968 - July 1969)
Gave out birth control information, helped teenagers build a park. Mostly, read the book locker and hung out with the Langans and Jim Baltz.


After PC I studied art in San Francisco and later in Washington, DC, where Allen and I settled. Jason was born in 1970 and Jenny in 1973. After our divorce in 1976 I worked as a graphic designer and policy consultant, then got an MBA in 1982 and launched a brief and heady -- but ultimately unfulfilling -- business career at Marriott Corporation. I remarried in 1984.

In 1988 I decided to pursue art full time and began painting (see http://www.juliamoore.com). I now live (soltera again) in a little artists’ community near Santa Fe where the land is just amazingly beautiful. I love the opportunity to speak Spanish here and to be part of the local cultural and religious festivals derived from Mexican and Native American roots. The sacred dances and feast days at the Pueblos are really wonderful, also the Good Friday pilgrimage to the local shrine of Chimayo.

I have become fascinated with the lives of my ancestors, and I am researching and writing their stories, to be published on a very cool web site I’ve created with the help of my son Jason (former web designer) and my daughter Jenny (my editor, and the writer of a terrific novel -- hopefully soon to be published).

I volunteer in literacy and mentoring programs. I recently worked with a group of gifted bilingual second-graders, and we dramatized -- in Spanish -- chapters from their very humorous book. I brought the props and wrote the scripts, and they meticulously corrected my (lousy) written Spanish. I definitely learned more than they did!

I enjoy hiking, traveling, seeing great art, and making music; I currently sing with a women’s choral ensemble. I love visiting my kids in San Francisco and Boston.

I’ve joined an amazing “peace movement” that gets to the root of suffering, and I am learning that peace begins within me. I plan to become more active in facilitating this simple yet profound process called “The Work” and founded by a woman named Byron Katie.

--Julia Ann Moore, 2007