In Memory of Verne J Charlton Jr.


On the afternoon of September 13, 2013, Verne J. Charlton Jr. passed away quietly in his much loved home in Stamford, CT after battling AML Leukemia since 2008. Verne was 73 years old.

Verne was born on April 25, 1939 in Tampa, Florida to Alma and Verne Charlton. Verne was the eldest of two boys.

Verne attended Florida State University and, thanks to the wonders of Facebook, was able to reconnect with his much loved friends, Bill and Barbara Keogh, Judy Cherry, Jerry Miron, Lee Gallespie, John Verrilli and Jack Rosenberg. He had recently attended a college reunion and since his return, Verne had reminisced quite often of the good times and shenanigans that occurred down south.

A defining moment in his life occurred in 1962. Verne joined the Peace Corps and was positioned in Chimbote, Peru. While working one afternoon, he met Mary Ibarburu and her family. A very loving bond was formed and he very quickly became a brother to Pepe, Albert, Ruth, Silvia, Mary, Cecilia and Edwardo. He was a happy American but, in his heart, a proud Peruano.

In 1965, Verne moved to New York City. One afternoon, while attempting to park his white Triumph sport car in Diplomatic parking, Alan Frese directed him to another spot. That encounter ended up lasting the next 50 years. Alan and Verne built a wonderful life together. Each with successful careers, their lives together were spent on the ski slopes of Vermont, the waters of the Caribbean, the roads and tracks of Europe and the beaches of Australia. They were avid sailors and owned five sailboats. On Saturday, July 26, 2012, Alan and Verne were legally married by the Justice of the Peace in Stamford, Ct.

In the summer of 1999, through a treasured friend, Mike Rauske, Verne met Dan Amato. The immense friendship and trust that formed comforted him through the last 14 years of his life.

Most recently. a boxer/pit terrier named Edie entered the family in the spring of 2011 and immediately became Alan and Verne's most loved companion.