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News from PC/Peru (cont. from p. 1)

Environmental Education projects to our portfolio.  We continue to find some wonderful institutions and individuals throughout this country who welcome Volunteers.  As I mentioned before I continue to thank each of you publicly for your service here in Peru.  The response we receive is in no small way a credit to the success that each of you had as Volunteers some years ago.  We continue to also meet PCVs who stayed in Peru.  Current Volunteers are amazed to run into folks who were Volunteers in the mid-60's who never left, married, had families and developed careers. There is no doubt they wonder if the same thing could happen to them!

Just a few weeks ago Mike Wolfson and Mary Hennessey, RPCVs from Arequipa were in the office.  They spoke about serving in the early

60's and described their living situations. Staff was in awe thinking about the fact that these two had returned, as have many of you have, to Peru and to their communities many times.

The Volunteers have started to publish a newsletter.  This will come out quarterly.  If any of you would like to send along  a 700-1000 word article about your time here we would put in 1-2 in each edition.  Also if any of you were in the departments of Piura, Cajamarca or Ancash and you would like to find out what old friends are doing, send that along and I am sure that the current Volunteers would try to track them down.

As I am sure all of you have being seeing the Toledo Administration has been challenged from all corners to do more and do it faster.  This past week-end there was a significant shake

up in the Cabinet which hopefully will bring together a strong team to support and guide the President. Peace Corps continues to be a favorite of the President.  With the current group of Volunteers he was an Honorary Witness at their swearing in, hosted a luncheon for them at the Palace and attend a luncheon for them at the home of the US Ambassador.  In a recent speech at Stanford University he gave a pitch for Peace Corps to all the grads!  (see excerpts on pp. 5 and 12)

If any of you head to Lima please let us know.  As I mentioned the office is always delighted to host Returned Peace Corps Volunteers from Peru.  I look forward to hearing from you.

Kate Raftery
Country Director
Peace Corps Peru

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