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It is recognized that Yachaspa is one of the keys to the organization's success.  Not only is our newsletter  a major vehicle for communication among a group that is spread out across the country and the hemisphere, but it also is the first contact that Amigos has with most new and potential members.  Amigos is judged by its publication. 

Former editor, Dave Dolson, built a foundation for a professional quality newsletter.  Nonetheless, it is the responsibility of
Amigos members

and particularly its leadership to assure that Ray Brown receives an adequate supply of timely and interesting material.   Ken Rustad, Charna Lefton, and Kate Raftery have been important contributors; however the group recognized that it is important for all board members not only to contribute material to the newsletter, but to encourage lay members of the organization to contribute.  We also think that we should solicit material from volunteers presently in the field.

We recognized the wonderful effort that Ken Rustad has put in over the years in keeping Amigos a viable organization.  However, with his resignation as President, we had concern about the future leadership of the organization.

Future communication among board members will address some of the topics that were discussed. We hope for an increased level of
activity on the part of all
AMIGOS members.

Amigos Members Elect Hugh Pickins for Six-Year Term

Hugh Pickins, long-time member of and contributor to Amigos, has been elected to serve a six-year term on the board of directors, representing the Eastern time zone. 
Election notices were sent in the spring to all members in the time zone, with two ballots -- one to be sent back to election coordinator, Carolyn Kinsman, and the second

to election judge, Rita Anberg.  Of the 60 elegible members, 16 -- or 26.66% -- returned their ballots.   That may be better than the national average for voting in major elections; however, we would like to encourage more active voting behaviors at all levels! 
Board members make the organization work, and good representation

will result in an organization that provides greater service and the strength to initiate those special projects you might have in mind. 
Consider nominating yourself for the board; new energy and ideas are
always welcome. And don't forget to vote!

Rendezvous 2005...Cochabamba!!

Planning for Rendezvous 2005 in Cochabamba is tentatively scheduled for August 6-8, 2005.

Anyone interested in participating in planning or otherwise participating, can contact Ken Rustad at or by snail mail at PO Box 901, Flora

Vista, NM 87415 or by telephone (505) 325-9194.

This will be the central rendezvous. Other gatherings, can be organized but depend upon volunteers to be point persons and otherwise organize them. A list serve and postal contact lists are being formed.

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