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The NPCA Advocacy Network's recently created Advocacy Training Guide is now available online at . The
Training Guide includes sections on the NPCA Advocacy Network, getting organized for advocacy, advocating to members of congress, useful websites and information for advocacy, how a bill becomes a law, and how the budget process works.

The Training Guide also provides information on the NPCA Advocacy Network's two main current advocacy efforts, the Peace Corps Charter for the 21st Century and Fiscal Year 2004 Peace Corps Appropriations.  With a wealth of information and easy-to-use links, the Training Guide is an excellent resource for everyone.


The NPCA Microenterprise Program recently announced that NPCA members and friends have responded strongly to this social investment opportunity administered by the Calvert Foundation.  Investors may choose to invest for seven and ten-year terms, providing MEP partners the ability to forecast support for sustainable programming in the developing world. 

In coming months NPCA will explore ways in which IRA's can be invested to earn between 1 percent and three percent.  To learn more  visit


After his retirement, Bob Klein started recording conversations from others in his Ghana training group.  "I set out in 1996," he said, "and for the next four years traveled throughout the United States.  I tracked down as many of those involved as I could find and taped oral history interviews.  When finished, Klein donated the materials to the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston and the RPCV Oral History Project was begun.

Klein will conduct a workshop for other RPCV's on how to conduct oral histories at the NPCA Annual General Meeting in Portland August 1st--3rd. 

A project handbook offers guidelines on methods, materials and procedures.  The affiliate group then works directly with the RPCV archivist at the Kennedy Library.  Several other projects are already underway across the country. 

For information, contact Bob Klein at


Please help the NPCA strengthen its Advocacy program.  An Advocacy Evaluation Survey has been posted online at . Please visit the website and fill out the survey. It only takes a few minutes of your time, and the NPCA Advocacy Network appreciates hearing what you have to say!


In these times of turmoil, the Peace Corps needs strong advocates to help strengthen its role throughout the world. As a result, the NPCA is currently expanding a National Advocacy Network.  Our goal is to establish an advocacy group in every congressional district within the United States, all 435 districts. 

You can play a valuable part is this process.  First, if you are not already an NPCA member, please join by phone at (202) 293-7728 X15 or online at 

Second, join a regional RPCV group (included in NPCA dues) and start talking about advocacy. 
NPCA wants to establish an advocacy group in each congressional district and you can help form that group. 

Finally, establish yourself as an NPCA advocate by registering at the Advocacy Network Registration webpage at . This will get you into the NPCA advocacy database.

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