Report from Amigos Peru Coordinator (continued from p. 2)

spect to internal affairs affecting its people and externally, as a stable and valuable member of the nations of South America and the world, people are expecting a lot from current President Toledo.  Protests have become full blown in several areas.  Time will tell if "the people" and Toledo will be able to work out their differences.  As an "old" Peruvian PCV, I empathize with my friends there who must live their lives struggling through so much uncertainty and often, injustice.

As Peru coordinator, I am in touch with the country director, Kate Raftery, encouraging her as well as the PCVs currently working in the country to let us know of their joys, sorrows and concerns.  I've heard it said that the current PCVs hear wonderful stories about those of us who worked there in the past and say that we are not forgotten by the Peruvians we knew and loved.

AMIGOS, as a national rather than a regional group, has its difficulties in maintaining contacts, we can keep in touch through the newsletter and our web site.  I am hoping that, on a regional basis, we can begin to form groups that will develop and maintain personal contacts as well as work on projects that will help friends in Peru.

I want to name several members from our Peru membership to represent geographical areas of the United States and then ask those people to work together as a team on activating planning that will allow us to cooperate nationally.

Much of this labor of love will be
carried on via e-mail; however, those without can  certainly be included.  If I call you, or e-mail you, consider yourself one of "the chosen"!?  Saying that, I certainly hope that any readers who want to be the first to volunteer will do so.

On a regional basis, I have three objectives:  During a first year, let's get our membership records up to date with the help of Bill Sherry, our current
AMIGOS membership chair; then, let's recruit a few more in each region, be they RPCVs or other friends with an interest in Peru.

Second, let's share our talents; for instance I know of one of our Peruvian RPCVs who does sculptures, another who produces hand printed greeting cards, someone else who writes study/articles on PC Peru experiences for children; another, a musician, who could write music for and about our Peru experience, perhaps using native instruments.

As time goes along, and as we develop projects that tie us closer together, we may find ourselves able to bring in financial donations for these efforts, so that, in turn, we will be ready to help support projects in Peru that can be identified by our members as well as by those living and working in Peru.  Well!  there is my third objective;  got the horse before the cart on that one!

Lastly, I have heard from several of my RPCV friends that they are planning private trips to Peru this fall; how I hope that, when they return, they will sit down at the keyboard or writing desk, and fix up an article for the next newsletter about
the latest news they bring from Peru.  I think I speak for us all when I say we are chomping at the bit to hear from the horse's mouth what they may have to tell us.

Please note Kate Raferty's contact information in her
PC/Peru Update and get in touch with her if you visit Peru.  Now that volunteers are in place, let's get the ball rolling, pitch in and help Peruvians, as well as ourselves.  Then we can keep on saying, "We're still helping".

Patt Behler
Board member:Peru Coordinator
Peru 62-64

Future of Amigos de Bolivia y Peru

Prior to the NPCA Conference (Chicago, summer of 2004) submissions for the newsletter and website are sought to stimulate discussions on our future.

Focal point: Most of the 62-72/74 Bolivia/Peru RPCVs are at or near

ing retirement. The numbers of the 90-present RPCVs (Bolivia) and Twenty-First Century Peru RPCVs joining Amigos de Bolivia y Peru is low and probably not enough to sustain this organization for another ten years.

Submit via or Amigos de Bolivia y Peru, PO Box 901, Flora Vista, NM 87415 (Tel. 505 325-9194 for questions.)
Ken Rustad, Steering Coordinator

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