Committee for a Museum of the Peace Corps Experience

Retuned Peace Corps Volunteers are being asked to help create the Museum of the Peace Corps Experience.  There is a wealth of stories that should be shared with a wider audience.

This proposed permanent museum will:
Bring many unknown or misunderstood cultures home to Americans, and especially children;
Provide permanent and rotating exhibitions featuring and interpreting the art and artifacts that reflect the lifestyles of various countries around the world;
Mount traveling exhibits, working with returned volunteer groups to bring Peace Corps stories into many communities around the country;

Serve as a repository for the memories and memorabilia of Returned Peace Corp Volunteers.
The Museum of the Peace Corps Experience will not only celebrate the cultures of the world, but the story of the Peace Corps itself.

Planning for the new museum is under way. The Organizing Committee has already developed and opened two exhibits featuring the traditional folk arts of other cultures. Please see for further information.

Workshops supported by the Regional Arts and Culture Council in Portland enabled the Committee to explore museum development issues with a museum planner and consultant.

Grants alone cannot sustain this important effort. A financial gift from RPCV's at this time is critical to keeping the dream alive.  Gifts are requested to enable the Committee to:
Begin development of the materials needed to promote the vision of a new museum;
Rent space to receive and catalogue art and artifacts from RPCV's around the country;
Provide needed matching funds for foundation grant support;
Hire museum experts to help develop our museum concept.

Please send your tax-deductible contribution to CMPCE, P. O. Box 14861, Portland, OR 97293


NPCA named Kevin F. F. Quigley, a RPCV who served in Thailand from 1976 to 1979, as the new president.  Read the special report prepared by PeaceCorpsOnline that provides a summary of the new President's background and experience: 2014862.html

Peace Corps Writers

The July issue of
Peace Corps Writers is up and carries the winning RPCV books for 2003, a listing of new books published by RPCVs, reviews of 5 RPCV books, plus details of the writing workshops at the NPCA Conference in Portland, an interview with

novelist Karl Luntta (Botswana 1977-80), a new Letter Home, more Journals of Peace essays, news about Peace Corps writers, and another essay on the history of the Peace Corps at:

NPCA Adopts New Vision,
Mission and Goals

President Kevin Quigley pledged that all NPCA programs and activities will be judged through the filter of the new mission and goals and of the vision of a greater Peace Corps community that "strives for a world in peace, shaped by understanding and tolerance."

The new statements are also posted to the NPCA website under "Who We Are" at

Save the Date for the 2004
National Conference!

Mark your calendars now for the 2004 National Conference to be held in Chicago from August 5 - 8, 2004.  The theme for the conference:  "Peace Corps 2004: Celebrating a Legacy of Service".  For more information visit website at 

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